Sunday, June 20, 2010

My addiction

Lately... these past months... I've been heavily addictive to Asian, more specifically, Korean dramas.
I've been so obsessed with dramas for the past years... but the past months beat the previous years... lol
I wake up watch an hour of drama before going to work, at work in my break i use a friend's laptop to watch another hour of a drama, i finish go home and watch drama until i go to bed which is usually around 1 am to 2 am, and i wake up at 6 am everyday.
My off days i spent watching dramas...

I was always interested in male Asians...

My purrfect boyfriend/ man/ or husband would have to be an asian.
Its something i was always attracted too ^^

This was my dream partner:
• Asian looks
• Atleast 1.80m tall
• Gentle
• Wild
• Caring
• Possessive
• Dependable
• Romantic
• Playful
• Trustworthy
• Loyal
Basically someone i can turn to whenever i need.
I know... my taste is weird lol but its how i want him to be

But i came to realise im really into Korean guys... and not just cuz of the male actors i been watchin in dramas... but in general... sadly here i dont even know if there are any Korean on the island... i SOOOOO SOOOOOOO wish i can meet one and fall in love at first sight... i know i know im dreaming... but hey

This is afterall my dreaming space ^^

But like i said im soooo deep into dramas that i just stopped playing Secondlife which is TOTALLY UNBELIEVABLE~!!!... lol

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