Sunday, November 30, 2008

My Personal Favo's

Wednesday, November 26, 2008



Everyday its the same,
At nights I sit and wait
For that single Scarlet Moon

The day starts and ends
The night falls and dissapears
Still no sight of that Scarlet Moon

Total Darkness filling the sky
Also filling my heart
A dark red starts glowing
...I see hope as I crave...

There it is my Scarlet Moon
Craving for you, who comes along
Who visits me with This Moon

For this night I've been waiting
For this night I've been longing
For this night I've been Craving
For my knight who appears with my Scarlet Moon

Seeing you smiling at me smiling at you
Shining fangs, needing me
Gladly offering to you my Lord
...Smiles fading away...

Dark Warrior

...Dark Warrior...

From the darkness I crawl,
Standing tall,
Standing proud,
Holding my blade tightly in my hands I am not afraid of you,
What I do fear,
Will never show,
It only makes me who I am,
And each new fear will feed my dark power,
Even more,
Making me stronger,
I am not a person who will ever cave in,
For from the darkness I crawl,
Ready to take on anything that comes my way,
With my dark powers and my trusty blade.
I dare anyone to look in my eyes,
But beware, I do not hide
Anything that made me be this dark warrior

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Wishing on the moon

The three people i would love to meet... I can only dream of meeting them now...but I do wish i will be able to meet atleast one of them... who knows...maybe if i continue wishing someday it will be granted xD

Vic first favo...i luv him in short hair... well hes a Taiwanese actor, model and singer so cute :))

Jun Matsumoto, my second Favorite... a Japanese actor and singer...hes so cute ^^

Jiro Wang, my third favorite...a Taiwanese Actor and singer i like his curly lips xD

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Wishing for a Dream 001

Today on forward i will try writting everyday to what I've been through the day with...

Day started pretty low, since I'm working it didnt really matter what happens at home or not.
At work is the only time also that I get to bring up many ideas on to what I would want and what I would like to do and such...also get the chance to do some surfing online and stuff... since the day is pretty dull...

Last night I was rewatching my favorite drama at the moment which is:
Wish to see you again; a Taiwanese drama that I wanted to watch just because of Vic Zhou

So i picked up some of the sentences that Xu Le aka Ye Zi (played by Vic Zhou)