Thursday, January 28, 2010

A poem I wrote back then

I end up cleaning some of my junks i got... and ended up with a poem i wrote bout an Taiwanese actor.... its weird i know lol... here it goes

Falling in and out of Love;

Every-time I look at you,
Your eyes are what attracts me the most,
Looking at your eyes, I fall deeper and deeper in love,
Hearing your voice is like hearing you calling my name,

Your eyes, voice and lips,
Keeps my hopes of being loved oh so high,
" I'll always love you"
Is what I feel and sense when I look into your eyes,
That is what makes me fall in love,

Reaching for your face,
Reaching for your lips,
Kissing your tasteless lips,
Caressing your ice-cold face,

Never able to touch you is my saddest truth,
Loving someone who doesn't even know of your existence, loving someone who is on the other-side of the world, loving someone through a screen,
Is what makes me fall out of love...

Well... its a weird thing... but who cares i still wrote it lol

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